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Woods rot, wet cracks, lung snap  

no deeper resonance
no riverbed silence
only ragged mists.

This land has been

village women, nurse, frown, shut fences

skittish cattle

a stare from the naked echo;
a wolf-like yelp - tendons tight

inner thigh
pelvis, hip


O great ancient one
Leave this circle
Let the hills gather
Let the fault-lines hum.
No Deeper Silence

No Deeper Silence - a tribute to Joan Grave’s “Bad Howl In The Naked Echo.”

Puckered highways, wearing their marrows
on the outside, like peacock feathers
fanning broad—& the atmosphere sighs back
flirtatiously, exposing its outstretched lungs,
hammocked & plump, palpable enough
to stir our metatarsal spurs—so dolefully
reduced to pores agog on rum-soaked linen
& beads of tongue, still humming
a language of ellipses, of dry chaparral
& skips over mud;

The milestones keep panting out god,
always inexorably beautiful—although
he smells a bit like gasoline, his auras
somewhat stained  opaque from floating
through countless pillars of dust.
Rosario Town
Des cigares, des chapeaux, du chagrin... Et una botella de rum.
Whenever Angels
roll off the tongue it tastes like
l'amour clandestine.
Les terres sont nues, les collines couvertes
de peaux brutes tannées presque blanc

& on a emporté l’atmosphère en lui coupant
le souffle - comme une bougie dans le noir.

Sols de nuit fredonnent leurs berceuses,
des oiseaux se perchent  tête en bas
sous les cèdres

& le moment est enfin
venu quand mon ombre s'est enfuie  avec
un étranger.
Mal du Pays
Southern good-nights sometimes mean sweet nothings.
[Alternate version (English with French postlude) follows]

& jours de bois flotté auront transmué en promesses défaiillantes,
sèches sur place—des roses fanées sur l’ancien rebord de marbre,
attendant patiemment les vents de tempêtes pour se laisser éclater,
leurs échelles translucides infusant l'air avec le parfum rouillé qui étaient
les marées dans mon sang & la saumure de mes prières les plus calmes.

& ce qui reste, doit toujours graviter ardemment vers l’argon-arylide
de ton sillage—obstinée à te rattraper—sans jamais s’y rendre.

By then your argon-arylide lips will have set
several thousand times in the west, skinning
Venu’s belt skywide, letting in Shadow-Earth’s
dark caress, if only to annihilate the last trace
of our beautiful, tragic romance.

*          *          *          *

Arylide (Précession)

& driftwood days will have coalesced into unmade amends,
rose-withered on the marble ledge, waiting for strong gales
to shatter them—so when translucent scales fan to the air,
they diffuse the rusty fragrance that was tides in my blood
& brine from my quietest prayers;

& whatever is left, should still gravitate fervently toward
your argon-arylide wake—keeping pace—but never
reaching you altogether.

D'ici là, tes lèvres d'argon-arylide se seront couchées
plusieurs milliers de fois dans l'ouest, en écorchant
La Ceinture de Vénus & rélachant simultanément
l'Anti-Terre & ses caresses sombres—
si n'est que pour anéantir la dernière
trace de notre bel amour tragique.
Arylide (Precession)
Les marées de Lune tirent toujours sur mon cœur - sans cesse.

Précession, (ou la précession des apsis) dans la mécanique céleste est fondamentalement la rotation de l'orbite des corps célestes . En particulier quand il s'agit d'une rotation progressive , ou la ligne (s ) reliant les apsis (points de distance orbitale ) d'une orbite - par exemple, les points d'approche le plus proche et le plus éloigné (  le plus proche étant le Périhélie - le plus éloigné l'Aphélie.)

Precession, (or apsidal precession) in celestial mechanics is basically the rotation of the orbit from celestial bodies. Specifically when it comes to gradual rotation, or line(s) linking the apsides (orbital distance points) of an orbit - e.g. The points of closest and farthest approach.(closest Perihelion - farthest Aphelion.)

Ok so in the span of two years I've dutifully read several books, and have filled a wheelbarrow load worth of writing journals (granted 99.999 % of it is poop, but at least it's kept me in the habit of writing constantly.) A fellow writer, and recently acquired friend, was a bit puzzled as to how I managed this proficiency - and was baffled by the simplicity of my "secret", confiding to me that it totally worked for her.

So here it is... Stand up. Really just stand on you feet while you write/read, preferably having your screen (book) at eye level or a bit higher so you get a good posture. the straighter you stand the better you can breath oxygen into your creative brain; also, who the hell likes annoying neck/back pain? I discovered this during my last undergraduate year. I'd found myself cooling down too much or losing steam when I sat down in front of the puter for too long (besides terribly numb legs)--so I just placed my laptop upon one of my closet's shelves, and plugged my wired keyboard to it -- to keep my arms and shoulders from hunching up. Of course, I'm not the first one to have realized this; there are studies dating back to the 60's that argue it improves alertness and concentration by up to 40%, and you can actually buy yourself a proper, custom-design standing desk - some of them even come with a treadmill for those who don't mind sweat on their keyboards.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work as well with pen to paper writing - and you do need some breaks 'cause feet get tired. You also need a little box or something on the bottom to prop on up one of your feet  - makes you stand better and it's easier on the knees. So there you go, Google it, you'll see I'm onto something. 


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<< Je ne suis pas de ceux que l'amour console. Il en va bien ainsi. Qu'est-ce, en effet, qui me serait plus inutile à la fin qu'une vie consolée? >>

"I am not one of those who love comforts. It is certainly the case. What indeed, would be more useless for me than to end my life comforted?"

-R.M. Rilke

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