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August 25, 2013
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Late at night your promises echo just like
dopplered pluckings on hydrogen filaments,
ranging in tone from Kaus Australis to
ecliptical Aries; analogous to
the naked-eyed magnitude of your spiral
fingers holding mine with densité stellaire
in what was perhaps love’s perfect learning curve:
Following close Arcturus’ arc and moving  
down on Spica, against the parallax blurred
brocade that marked your vector-strained homecomings.
One too many sydonic revelations
through a single revolution inside your
cosmic webs,  your accretion hums invading
me and discarding me in tight conjunction,
piercing dark spots across a chromospheric
un-stasis that nothing but your touch can heal.
"I remember when I was a baby
staring in amazement at the sun.
Better shield your eyes now little baby
no one ever said you were the one
who can't be blinded by the sun...
..I think I'm blinded by the sun."

From Primus' Antipop Track 6 "Eclectic Electric" (Interscope, Prawn Song. 1999)
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Silly-Bat Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It's wonderful how you can pull together so seemingly effortlessly something as distant as the stars and something as intimate as love.
I spy Primus on the description. Nice.
ThyPoetSorcerer Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
You are rly sweet thank you. Maybe because love to me feels as captivating and distant as the stars, sort of my too unfulfilled fixations.

And darn, Primus is a bit of a cult band, I'd be surprised to know how you got into them. Maybe you know other bands you may recommend, I'm all about obscure-ish music.
Silly-Bat Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome.

I wouldn't say I'm "into" them, I just know about their existence because bass players in my music school practically worship them haha.

I listen to a couple of little-known bands, but judging by the music you've mentioned, I'm not sure you'd like them. What other things do you listen to, anyway?
ThyPoetSorcerer Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
 I like to explore different genres. Been into very mellow stuff for the last couple of years. Lots of (new wave) Indie prog e.g. Anekdoten, Magenta, Arcade Fire. Also been always a hardcore Tool/A Perfect Circle fan and Muse when I'm in the mood. oh and I religiously listen to Justice for workouts and Enya for yoga.

The problem for me nowadays is that there's a musical overload on the net, I never know what to listen, going from a band to the other without getting attached to anything; that's why I'd like to suggest something, that way at least I'll have a reason to stick with a particular band.
Silly-Bat Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
What I listen to can be unbelievably soft... there's a girl called Daniela Andrade on YouTube. She doesn't have a crazy opera voice but there's something really special about it. The group Daughter is something along those lines as well. Their lyrics destroy me. I love it.
If you like mellow stuff and electronic music- This guy is one of my favourites [And I found him on this channel, that regularly posts awesome, little-known music… ]
I was obsessed with Muse and Mew [people were confused because of how similar their names sound haha] for quite a while, too.
Which is funny for the girl that couldn't get enough of Avenged Sevenfold, or SOAD, or Rammstein.
That didn't last for long though, and I know it's not the heaviest stuff, but hey, it's still a noticeable change.
Which doesn't mean that all that I listen to right now is light and dreamy. I "stole" Nine Inch Nails from my boyfriend a few months ago, along with Trent's other band, How to Destroy Angels.
That, and Pendulum, and Knife Party. Which led me on to Noisia and Black Sun Empire. Oh gods.
People at my music school really love Tool as well, but I haven't gone through an obsessive phase with them. Same goes for Justice, even though those people aren't the ones who listen to them, it's just the bf.

I don't really have that problem though, I do jump from one thing to the other when I'm online- but then, if I like something enough, I'll download their whole discography and listen to just that when I'm on the go for weeks on end. Sometimes more.
My problem is jumping to new things on my own. There are way too many bands that I love that I didn't find on my own [I was aware of most of my favourite bands' existence long before I started listening to them, but for some reason waited for someone else to say "Hey, listen to this song by this band, I bet you'll like it"]- which is not the point, but it can't hurt to be a little bit more independent, instead of only getting into new things when someone else takes the time to show them to me.

I found this one site, and I thought it'd be really useful for me. Maybe you'll like it too.

ThyPoetSorcerer Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
"Avenged Sevenfold, or SOAD, or Rammstein." Awesome! So you've been around the block.

I had my phase with SOAD, went to their shows and everything, my interest sort of faded over time but I listen to them every now and then.

I can't say I got into Rammstein that much, and it's weird 'cause I love me some good Industrial (maybe the German lyrics? dunno.) and NIN, man! so many memories, the DJ/owner of the first bar I was ever allowed into played the stuff all the time. I got so hooked, I used to fall asleep on it every night.
Now HTDA!!!! I'm so glad you know this band 'cause Holy fucking shit. Don't their songs drag you under to a blissful abyss?? (Best build-ups ever)... When this band surfaced five years ago, I was at a point where I was bored of listening to the same things; yet, newer bands sounded like crap to me anyway. This was so perfect at the time, It just brought back my obsession for music. What do you think about HTDA? I rly want to know.

in the subject of Industrial, Have you listened to Ministry or Stabbing Westwards at all?

Oh and don't even get me started about Muse, I will ramble non-stop. I'm not as fond of the newer stuff, (doesn't mean I dont dig it). Up until Black Holes and Revelations though, it's like the apocalypse in every song. A beautiful apocalypse.

Mew...Kinda hit and miss for me. I have to be rly in the mood, a bit too shoegazy--which is not a bad thing, but I'm not always for it--Their prog style always remind me of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon Album for some reason.
Btw you'd love Anekdoten and/or Arcade Fire, seriously if you ever get a chance try the Gravity and Funeral (respective)Albums.

Pendulum and Black Sun Empire... maybe not my cup of tea, for drum and bass, dubstep-ish kinda stuff I listen mostly to Shapeshifter, Loadstar and Bad Company UK.
I also like Hellektro a lot, (Traumafactor, Grendel, Psyclone 9) cookie monster vocals and all, makes awesome dancing music IMO.
Knife Party??! never heard of them; Do you think it's worth checking out their stuff?
Oh and talking about  Noisia and Justice, I almost forgot Glitch Mob, Omg tell me you know them.

"My problem is jumping to new things on my own"...
Mine is sticking with the bands, I go on Grooveshark all the times and catch a bunch of bands, never get attached with anything as I said before...that's why I wanted you to suggest music for me. That way it'd add some sort of sentimental value when listening to a band.

The guy Koda You recommended is rly good, love those keyboards; btw, since you like Mew as well I highly recommend you listen to No Joy Way to Pleasure and My Bloody Valentine's m v b album.

..And Holy shit! Daniela is so much better than I expected, her voice is amazing! so powerful, dripping with emotion; the way she quickly changes pitch and volume. Jesus fuckin Christ. Thanks for this. "Dark Passenger" brought tears to my eyes... She has a gazillion covers posted on youtube though. I'm having trouble finding her original songs.

Thanks for the Tuneglue too, tip very useful indeed and it's pretty much accurate for the bands I checked, only a few hiccups.

Finally, I find it weird you didn't mention Queens of the Stone Age. Girls seem to love the heck out that band...They are indeed good but I dunno when they became such beloved chick band. And do yourself a favor and listen to Opeth's Album Damnation you can ignore the other stuff I suggested but not this one; rly, don't do it for me but for yourself, even more if you are in a band. Thanks for everything again. Do you have anything else to recommend? so far I rly enjoyed what you advised.

PS. Where do you listen to your music besides youtube and Soundcloud? Grooveshark, Meuzer, Jamendo, Spotify?? Just curious.
Silly-Bat Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Well, you could say that I’ve been around the block. Maybe I just started in the wrong place and am slowly working my way to the place in music where I want to be. Maybe I grew up. I don’t really know.

…I forgot to mention Radiohead. What the hell is wrong with me?

I guess I only got into them because my drawing teacher [Who used to call me padawan, haha] listened to their music all the time. Which is funny, because there was some NIN around as well, and I knew a couple of songs. But when I really started getting into it… damn! Falling asleep with Trent’s songs… it makes for interesting dream material.

And nope, I haven’t listened to Ministry or Stabbing Westwards… I’m pretty new to industrial. Actually, I still feel like I’m really new to music in general [I feel like Knives from Scott Pilgrim: “I didn’t even know there was good music until two months ago!”]. There’s just so much to listen to… and I wasted a lot of time on just Green Day. Damnit.

It might be relevant that I’m getting to see NIN live next month! Ahhh! It’ll be the first big concert that I attend… well, actually it’s a festival. Arcade Fire will be there as well, and the band that’s linked to my school? Mooi? They got in too, it’s pretty crazy

HTDA though… it’s funny, the sounds are distorted as hell but I can’t help but see their music-verse as …organic? A sort of… hi-tech-but-still-tied-to-nature tribe? And the people there would have feathers as earrings and flowers and seeds and patterns and dots painted on their bodies, and at the same time, spaceships and spears glowing blue that give electrical shocks and… Yeah, it’s sort of hard to describe because I’ve daydreamed about that for quite a while, so there’s a lot of material and I don’t know where to start.

The things I imagine while listening to Pendulum’s albums are stories that take place in that same civilization, but a couple of centuries later. [Btw! You asked about Knife Party: two of Pendulum’s founding members took that name and produce dubstep. You might like it even if you don’t dig their previous band that much, it’s a lot different]

Actually, there’s a lot of music that I make up stories for in my head, and it all ties together at some point… If only I could show you the “music videos” in my head for some of it… or if only I knew how to and had the time to animate. [Basically, if I was the guy who made this and applied my skills to something slightly different, but that still flowed and looked as organic as that does]

…I got a bit carried away there.

Anyway, about Muse: “Up until Black Holes and Revelations though, it's like the apocalypse in every song”. Yes it is! It’s so great, and so dramatic... I love how Bellamy writes a dance-able revolutionary anthem, you turn around and next thing you know it gets all personal… I’m not the best at describing it.

I wrote Arcade Fire [I’ve listened to a couple of songs] and Anekdoten [I didn’t remember their name but apparently I do know a song by them, just found it in my Grooveshark collection] down.

…I hadn’t even heard the term hellektro. I’ll have to check that out.

And oops, I’m going to let you down there- I don’t know Glitch Mob, but if they’re something along those lines, I’ll definitely give them a listen.


Let’s see what other artists I know of…

I went rummaging through my bookmarks and found this:… [I found them thanks to R-WOLFE -this piece, specifically… - whom I’ve followed almost since I joined dA… their universe and the characters in it are very dear to me… so maybe the music isn’t mind-blowing but it’s tied to them and… yeah]

I just found Gazelle Twin a few days ago… I haven’t listened to that much of her music [“Fun” innecessary fact: a quick google search revealed she’s from Brighton, and I was born there… hopefully some of her awesomeness comes from there and rubbed off on me as well, hah], but what little I have is just so good… The atmosphere is remarkable.

Oh! There’s also Agnes Obel. Quite different in style from other stuff I’ve been talking about… it’s mostly piano and her voice, but I like her twist on it.

I was a bit obsessed with the piano-and-voice thing [plus drums] a little while ago: I really really loved Keane. I suppose you do know of them, but there’s more to it than “somewhere only we know” [“The night sky” is a lovely little favourite of mine, as is “call me what you like”, one of their oldies]. I still have a soft spot for them… there’s just something about the sweetnesss of how it sounds and the bitterness of what it says… And I’m also a little [or a lot…] jealous of the singer’s voice.

Hmmm… other bands I like are Zero 7 [They worked with Sia before she was “cool” and featured on David Guetta’s songs… she’s on “somersault”. The whole album it’s on –When it falls- is great, as is “Yeah Ghost”], Massive Attack [I’d recommend albums Mezzanine and Heligoland… though it’s a lot more likely you’ll know them. Hmm], Mogwai [How the hell did I not mention them earlier?].

A little bit more obscure stuff: Cloud, Laika, <ahref="!/profile/Poe…">Poe</a>


Yep, Koda is great, and Daniela too- except that she got YouTube famous because of her covers and doesn’t have much original stuff. And what she does release isn’t available for download all over the internet, so… yeah.

QOTSA’s a chick band? That’s sort of new, haha… I guess I can see why it might attract some more girls than usual- Josh isn’t exactly bad looking lol. Anyway, I do like them. I can’t claim to be their #1 fan, but the music’s pretty damn awesome.

I’ll definitely check out all of the things you recommended… eventually. Because it’s exam week! Yay! I’m not nervous, but teachers go slightly nuts and ask for some biggish projects and stuff, so yeah.


I mostly used Grooveshark, then download [From the site itself, I have a Chrome extension for that. Downloading may be part of the reason why I get stuck though… hmm]. I just discovered 8tracks too.

…Whew, that was one hell of a message… Aaand I'm back to the homework I should've started when I got home seven hours ago! My organizational skills are simply wonderful.

ThyPoetSorcerer Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
"Maybe I just started in the wrong place and am slowly working my way to the place in music where I want to be. Maybe I grew up. I don’t really know."

No, it's like that for everyone who's really into music I think...You sort of evolve musically, then you find yourself on static phases and then begin exploring again.

Hahaha Padawan, for some reasons you always get the cool nicknames, and yes Radiohead will be awesome forever, one of those bands one never grows out of.

I feel like Knives from Scott Pilgrim" lol I wish I could trade brains with you, those couple of years when I got all the way into music took me for such an emotional ride--I still enjoy the hell out of it, but more on a technical level.

…I got a bit carried away there." Nooo, that's rly interesting. Getting images from songs is actually a technique writers are advised to use--especially for writer's block. I'm surprised how easy it comes to you, it's something you must take advantage of. When I do that, I always end up writing about the end of civilization regardless what's on the playlist.

Oh and Mathew Bellamy is God <3, IMO he's one of the most accomplished musicians ever. Do you know he's fascinated by astronomy and wants be the first person/band to record an album in outer space???? He is like dead serious about it...LoL.. he's insane but I love him....And I find "revolutionary danceable anthems turned personal" is an accurate and beautiful way to describe their sound.

Now Keane. One of my exs was like ridiculously obsessed with them, so I think she might have killed it a bit for me. I usually feel like that way when having to listen to stuff I'm not in the mood for. The Night Sky is a pretty song, Atlantic and Disconnected would be my faves if I asked to choose though.
Also, I dunno about where you live, but here QOTSA shows are attended by 99% chicks, it may be indeed because of Josh, he is hot as fuck.

And OMG you recommended a lot of stuff! Awesome. I don't think I can listen to it all at once, I'll have to get back to you on that later--already copied it to a word document. .... I'm sure we can talk much more about bands....Not necessarily on a single post (I'm sorry I just got totally excited, but) we can take it easy. Btw,
don't forget to let me know if you come across something obscure you deem to be worth listening to.
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madameshadowenn Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hi there, this is just a little note to say I’ve feature this piece in my journal, here:
Please do check out the other works and show them some appreciation!
fake-theory Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013
this has a wonderful rhythm to it.
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